Child Care Provider/Caregiver

Child Care Programs

Types of Child Care Programs:

  • Child Care Center:  7 or more children at one time. 
  • Family Child Care Provider/Type A Home:  7-12 children at one time.
  • Family Child Care Provider/Type B Home: No more than 6 children at one time.  

Interested in opening a Child Care Program?

Effective December 31, 2016, child care licensing rules require an individual who is interested in becoming a child care provider to complete a pre-licensing orientation training prior to submitting an application. The goal of this training is to lay a solid foundation of child care knowledge on which you can plan and build your child care program. Each module in the training covers related topics that must be considered prior to beginning the process to become a licensed program.

This training contains the following modules:  

  • The Business of Operating a Child Care Program
  • How to Apply to Become a Child Care Center (or Family Child Care provider)
  • Child Care Center (or Family Child Care) Licensing Rule Review
  • Step Up To Quality
  • Publicly Funded Child Care

Please log into the Ohio Professional Registry at to search for training dates and locations.  

  • If you are interested in becoming a licensed Child Care Center, please search and register for “Pre-licensing training for Child Care Programs”  
  • If you are interested in becoming a Family Child Care provider, please search and register for “Pre-licensing Training for Family Child Care Providers”  

Requirements to be a licensed Family Child Care Provider:  

  • Be at least 18 years old, and have completed a high school education. 
  • Meet the training or education requirements detailed in Appendix B to Rule 5101:2-13-07
  • Reside in the home where the care is being provided.
  • Not have had any child removed from his or her home due to abuse or neglect caused by the provider pursuant to section 2151.353 of the Revised Code.
  • Not have a prohibited offense as required by rule 5101:2-13-09 of the Administrative Code.
  • Complete the JFS 01302 "Request for Child Abuse and Neglect Report Information for Child Care" (rev. 12/2016) and update it annually (for the provider and all adults (eighteen and older) residing in the home of the type B home provider).
  • Provide a safe, healthy environment when child care services are being provided. 
  • The provider or anyone in the family child care home including any child care staff members shall not be involved in any activities which interfere with the care of the children. 
  • Either obtain liability insurance that insures the family child care provider or complete the JFS 01933 "Liability Insurance Statement for Family Child Care Providers" (rev. 12/2016).

ODJFS Child Care To access child care licensing information

ODJFS Forms Central To access all ODJFS forms (prescribed & sample forms.)

Columbiana County Family Child Care Licensing Specialists:

Jennifer Oliver   (330) 420-6537 or
Toni Ward          (330) 420-6551 or