Who We Are

  • 89% of us reside in Columbiana County
  • 40% of us are over the age of 50
  • 98% of us are female
  • 19% of us have been working here for over 20 years
  • 47% of us have worked here for less than 10 years

Employees are represented by two Unions. Employees of the Children Services Division are represented by the Glass Molders and Pottery Workers (GMP Local 384). Employees of the Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Public Assistance Division, as well as certain employees in the Business Office, are represented by the Association of Federal, State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME Local 3192).

The work we do in the various divisions of our agency is guided by the Federal Register,
the Ohio Revised Code, or the Ohio Administrative Code.

We are your neighbors, your friends, and your family.  
We are here to serve you.

Who we are team photos

Wearing Purple to work for Elder Abuse Awareness!!




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